1. Arrive at the departure point with a full tank of fuel.

2. Be ready to move off 5 minutes before the departure time.

3. The Road Captain always leads the group and must not be overtaken. If two groups are officially designated, this rule of not overtaking applies to the Road Captain of the second group too.

4. We ride in a staggered formation, not side by side, nor immediately behind the rider in front or in another rider’s blind spot (in the case of following the rider in front, you should be able to see that rider’s face in their rear view mirrors).

5. Leave plenty of space between yourself and the rider in front. Pick a point that the rider in front passes, (say a line on the road or post and count one thousand and one, one thousand and two) This provides for a 2 second buffer between you and the rider in front (count to one thousand and three in wet weather). Remember on tight winding roads it is probable that riders take similar lines and a nose to tail affect results therefore the previous stagger reduces dramatically and the two or three second gap needs to be re-addressed.

6. You may change your position on the road within the group, but do it safely with a head check and indicate your intentions to the riders behind before doing so. Never pass on the left, our safety when riding in a group depends on this.

7. When overtaking a slower vehicle provide a buffer zone for the riders following by maintaining your passing speed so as to provide for a gap between the pack and the passed vehicle whilst following riders complete the overtaking manoeuvre.

8. We use only one lane of a multi-lane highway, keeping to the left whenever practical. The Road Captain chooses the lane. Always signal your intention to change lanes.

9. Statutory speed limits are to be observed.

10. When re-grouping spots, or designated fuel stops, have been reached, stay in your position. Be prepared to move off when the last bike has re-fuelled – don’t hold the group up – it is your responsibility to ensure you refuel and your refreshments are taken in the allotted time.

11. All slower riders must ride at the rear of any group in fairness to other riders.

12. In case of emergency stop or breakdown you must clearly indicate your intention to stop and get off the road as quickly and safely as possible. The group must continue and the “Tail End Charlie” and / or Committee Member will stop to assist.

13. In respect of the safety of other members of the group and the public, no burn-outs, no donuts and no otherwise dangerous riding.

14. Your motorbike must be roadworthy and mechanically ready for the ride. No bald tyres.

15. If you intend to leave the group during the ride then inform the Ride Captain and “Tail End Charlie” before doing so.